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Mobile apps for collecting data from multiple IP sensors. For each device, values from connected sensors can be selected and displayed. Typical applications:

  • Displaying data on a wall-mounted tablet (near a door). Useful to provide an overview of your home or datacenter technology status.
  • Viewing data in a mobile phone – a handy overview of all your sensors in real time.
  • Data input:
    • IP sensors (HW group products) in an Ethernet network
    • Values from a generic SNMP device (IP address + OID)
    • Values from the SensDesk.com online portal for IP sensors
  • Graphs: Periodic data logging in the app and displaying charts of selected measurements
  • Output control: Controlling relay outputs of connected devices (for LAN-enabled products)
  • Overview of values: Concise display of sensor readings in a table
    • The volume of data displayed and the level of detail can be modified in five steps (pinch-to-zoom)
    • Red background alerts to a sensor value out of the specified safe range, or to a network error
  • Supported devices: HWg-STE, HWg-STE plus, HWg-PWR, HWg-WLD, Poseidon xxxx, Damocles xxxx, Ares xx*
  • Online portal input data: SensDesk.com
  • Sensors that can be connected:
    • Temperature: HWg-STE, HWg-STE plus, Poseidon xxxx, Ares xx*
    • Humidity: HWg-STE, HWg-STE plus, Poseidon xxxx, Ares xx*
    • WLD - water flood detection cable for a 2D area: HWg-WLD, Poseidon xxxx, Ares xx*
    • Digital outputs (DO, relay contacts): Poseidon xxxx, Damocles xxxx
    • Electricity meters (1-phase, 3-phase): HWg-PWR
    • Water, gas (utility metering): HWg-PWR
    • Heating / cooling (heat meter): HWg-PWR
  • *) Note: GSM (GPRS) sensors (Ares products) can be connected only through the SensDesk.com online portal. They cannot be connected directly.
  • To test the application, use: Online demo at a public IP
  • Android compatibility: Requires Android 2.1 or newer
  • License:
    • IP Sensors Eye: Free of charge, readable display of 3 values only (3x sensor value from one device / 3x device with one sensor value)
    • IP Sensors Eye pro: Paid version – no limitation of displayed sensors and values.|


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