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PIR motion detector JS-20 is designed for property protection

It uses multiple signal analyzing method. For high connectivity, the product is equipped with a free pair of terminals. (GBS).

PIR motion detector is designed to protect interiors.

It uses multiple signal analyzing method. Thereby it achieves excellent sensitivity and high immunity against false alarms. Detection analyses can be increased with adjustable jumper (in case the product is mounted in problematic locations).
In the detector you can replace standard by long-corridor-type len or len with free floor zone (to allow motion of domestic animals).

For high connectivity, the product is equipped with a free pair of terminals. (GBS).

The detector distinguishes itself with excellent RF immunity and other false signals. It can be mounted on a flat wall or in a corner.JS-20

Power supply: 12 V DC +- 25%
Consumption (without LED): max.10 mA
The highest consumption (LED including): max. 35 mA
Maximum conductor's cross-section: 1 mm2
Recommended installation high: 2.5 m above floor level
Detection angle / sensitivity radius: 120° / 12 m (with standard len)
Stabilization time after turn on: max. 180 s
Current carrying capacity of PIR output: switch max. 60V / 50 mA inner resistance max.30 Ohm
Current carrying capacity of TMP output: switch max. 60 V / 50 mA inner resistance max.16 Ohm
Operating temperature range: -10 to +55 °C
  • Location under CSN EN 50131-1 II. indoor general
  • Classification under CSN EN 50131-1 class 2. (middle hazard)
  • The product fulfils european conformity CE mark 


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