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The Flood detector is designed for room flood detection or exceeding of allowed water level

The detector contains switching contact for tie-in system and built-in siren for indication. Battery power supply, battery is part of package.

This product is designed for area flood detection or exceeding of allowed water level. Indication is signalized with built-in siren. You can use relay contact for related systems signalization.

The detector is resourced from the battery. The sensor itself is supplied with self-adhesive holt with mechanical arrestment which allows its removing. Installation of the device is very simple.

Cable for the relay connecting to external system is part of package.

The product applications are in air-condition water leakage, in bathrooms, kitchens, boiler and fire-rooms eventually during reservoir, pool or aquarium filling.LD-63HS

Power supply: 3 x alkaline battery AAA 1.5 V (part of package)
Consumption: < 1 µA
Average lifetime of the batteries: 1 year

Signalization of water level

Contact max. 100 mA / 60 V  
Connector for external signalization:  jack (connecting cable is part of package)
Acoustic siren's power 100 dB / 1 m  
Temperature range: -10 °C to +40 °C
Detection of water level: conductivity of the liquid on the sensor


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