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Damocles 2404i features 24 dry contact inputs and 4 relays controlled over an IP network (Ethernet).

Includes a built-in web server, output control and alarm alerts (e-mail and SNMP trap).

Outputs can be controlled manually in the web interface, or with M2M protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP).

  • 24 DI (Digital Inputs) for connecting dry contacts (32 bit pulse sounter on each)
  • 4 DO (Relay outputs) – NO and NC contacts (Digital Outputs)
  • Box-2-Box mode – remote inputs from Poseidon / Damocles
  • Closing of a contact triggers a SNMP trap / e-mail



Basic features

Basic features

  • Installation in 10 minutes, no special software is necessary
  • Embedded WEB server / graphical UI
  • Control of outputs:
    • WEB interface
    • With a local condition (thermometer / other input)
    • With a remote output on the network (Box-2-Box mode)
  • Alarm alerts:
    • E-mail
    • SNMP trap
    • Activation of a remote output
    • PD Trigger application: SMS / Pop-Up window / Shutdown Windows / start an application
  • Inputs and their states can be named (e.g. I4 "Tank 7" 1 = "full", 0 = "empty")
  • Pulse Counter: 32. bit counter on each Digital Input (for connecting S0 pulses) - counter protected against power failure
  • Group alarms – e.g. "Warning - overheating" alarm is raised when Door = Closed for at least 5 minutes, AirConditioning = Off.
  • Different alarm alert recipients can be specified for individual inputs (4 SNMP trap destinations, 2 e-mail destinations).
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Applications in IT:
    • Poseidon is supported by more than 60 NMS systems (LoriotPro, Nagios, SNMPc, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, MRTG, Intellipool, ...)
    • HWg SDK (Software Development Kit): Libraries and examples (VB, C#, .NET, Borland / Microsoft C++, Borland Delphi, JAVA, PHP)
  • Industrial applications:
    • Works with most SCADA systems (OPC server and I/O server via Modbus/TCP)
    • "Soft-PLC" Windows application for remote access to the units, measuring and control




  • Remote rack monitoring
  • Open door indication, circuit breaker states, remote restart / door unlocking

  • Intelligent buildings
  • Equipment monitoring, building control over IP

  • SCADA systems
  • Connection of external inputs to multiple systems

  • UPS / back-up generator monitoring
  • Fuel level, diesel generator status, remote start over IP, monitoring of service dry contacts

  • IP-based security systems
    • Surveillance systems (sensor states)
    • Equipment status, access control systems



What can be connected to Damocles 2404i


  • Relay outputs
    • PowerEgg
  • Dry contact inputs
    • Flood detector
    • Gas leak detector
    • Smoke detector
    • Motion detector

Box-2-Box mode

Connection of dry contact input / probe (device 1) to remote relay output (device 2) over IP without any SW or PC. Each input / sensor are assigned to related output by identical "#xx" string in the input and output names.


  • The I3 input "Door4_#11" is connected to the O2 output "Signal5_#11"
  • The alarm state of sensor "Temp1_floor_#01" is connected to the O4 output "Temp_alert_#01"
  • E-mails and SNMP traps are still being sent as usual

Online video

Online video

Comparation of Damocles

Comparation of Damocles

  Damocles 2404i Damocles 1208 Damocles MINI
Digital Inputs 24 Dry Contacts 12 Dry Contacts 4 Dry Contact
+ DI counter ano ano ano
Digital Outputs (DO)  4 Relays 8 Open Collectors 2 Relays
RS-232 configutation ne ne ano
XML (over HTTP) ano ano ano
Modbus/TCP ano ano ano
SNMP, SNMP Traps ano ano ano
SMTP Email ano ano ano
SDK (Software Development Kit) ano ano ano

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