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Ping restarterIP-watchdog

Monitors the functionality of a device over IP (PING/WEB) or serial line (RS-232), automatically restarts it upon failure.

Web watchdog monitors two independent channels. Industrial version.

IP WatchDog WR02a (ping restarter) periodically monitors the functionality of a device by transmitting or receiving a specified "I'm alive and OK" signal over IP or RS-232. If the correct reply is not received in time, the device is restarted with a relay.

IP WatchDog can monitor two devices (two independent channels, two 110/230VAC relays). Industrial applications benefit from DIN rail compatibility.



Product Parameters

Product Parameters

  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
  • WEB: Built-in web server, manual reset and output control, logging
  • Functions: Two channels, independent per-channel monitoring
  • Methods of detecting functionality per channel:
    • Ping Push: IP WatchDog periodically sends PING requests
    • Ping Request: IP WatchDog waits for a PING from a specified IP address
    • Web Push: IP WatchDog periodically checks the availability of a given web page (web server)
    • Web Request: IP WatchDog waits for a request for its internal WEB page
    • RS232 Rx: IP WatchDog waits for a sequence of characters in the RS-232 data stream
  • Channel output: DO relay output (NO/NC, 230V/16A AC)
  • Manual control of the relay over WWW (with a password) - can be used as a 110V Web relay
  • Security ensured with user passwords and a configurable range of allowed IP addresses
  • FirmWare update can be performed over the WWW interface
  • Log & Time: Automatic time sync over NTP (TIME), event logging
  • Installation: Installation in 10 minutes, no software is necessary
  • Tip: Outputs can be turned on/off manually over the web interface
  • Dimensions: 145x90x45 [mm]

Usage examples

Usage examples


  • Operation monitoring / IP restart
    • Servers / routers
    • IP video cameras
    • WiFi links / access points
    • Industrial systems
  • Connectivity monitoring
    • Activation of a back-up link
    • Detection of connectivity outage (relay >> horn)
    • Monitoring of ADSL and cable modems
    • Security and access control systems

Online video

Online video

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